Scenes of Norway

Accomodations in Norway

Norway Hotels

Norway offers hotels to suit all tastes and budgets, from the most deluxe to the very modest. The majority of hotels are clean and well-run, and their staff is courteous.

Norway Bed and Breakfast and Private Accommodations

You will find a cozy atmosphere and low room rates. Bed and Breakfast style “pensjons” and private accommodations can sometimes be booked through local tourist offices. You may also find accommodation signs along roads or in front of houses as you travel through the country-side.

Norway Camping

The approximately 500 inspected and classified campsites in Norway all have hook-ups for electricity, showers and toilets. Many large campsites have cabins or chalets that can be rented for a single night or longer. Motor homes are often welcome at campsites.

Norway Hostels

There are about 75 youth and family hostels offering modest rates. Some rooms have baths and showers, and accommodate from two to six people. Hostels offer access to kitchens and are open to people of all ages. Prices range from approximately $13 - $30 per person in a room with several beds and $64 - $115 in a 4- bed room. Supplement for double and single rooms are available on request. Children under age 3 stay for free and those under 15 pay half-price. Many outdoor activities are available for guests.

Norway Cabins

Cabin facilities are popular with Norwegians and are usually situated by the ocean or the mountains. Average size cabins (four beds) are priced from $285 to $1,400 per week depending on season and quality.

Norway Farm Stays

Farm holidays in Norway can be split into two categories: day visits to a farm, or over nights on a farm with a choice of various activities. The latter is a very economical and educational alternative for both travelers. Fishing and horseback riding are usually offered as well as boat rentals, participation in daily work at the farm and other activities. With a two-night minimum, rates start at $100 per unit, per night, based on double occupancy.

Norway Fishermen’s Cabins “Rorbuer"

Originally built to accommodate fishermen, some of these cabins are now rented out to tourists. Facilities are unpretentious but functional. Most cabins are found in the Lofoten Islands of northern Norway. Sea fishing is the usual activity as well as sight-seeing. Boat and bike rentals are available. Rates run approximately $60 - $215 per “rorbu” per night.

Historic Hotels of Norway

The European aristocracy who discovered the Norwegian salmon rivers in the late 1880s were among the first tourists in Norway. Their frequent visits generated a building boom along the fjords, where both small bed & breakfasts and grand hotels were built. A large number of stately wooden buildings, with romantic spires, turrets and towers, sprang up all over Norway. The chain today has 29 hotels dating from 1380 to 1939.


Norway is one of the Nordic countries, occupying the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula, with a total area of 125,050 sq miles. It is bordered by the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea in the west, Russia, Finland and Sweden in the east, and the Skagerrak (an arm of the North Sea) in the south. Most of the country consists of mountains and plateaus.

Forests are found almost as far north as Nordkapp (the North Cape). Norway's temperate climate is the result of the warming Gulf Stream. Summers are remarkably mild for the latitude, while winters are long and very cold, often with plenty of snow. Rainfall is very heavy in the west.

Norway is a country of socio-economic equality with a high standard of living and a homogeneous population. Apart from Oslo and adjacent suburbs, there are no metropolitan cities in Norway. Norwegians usually live in small communities with well developed road, air and ferry communication. Many communities are built up around one major business or industrial enterprise.

The sea along the coast is rich in natural resources like oil and fish.

Status Constitutional Monarchy

Area 125,050 sq miles

Population 4,577,457

Capital Oslo 521,886

Major cities

Bergen 237,430

Stavanger 112,405

Drammen 56,680

Kristiansand 75,280

Trondheim 154,351

Fredrikstad 69,867

Tromsø 61,897

Language: Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), Lappish

Religion: 92 % Evangelical Lutheran Christian

Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)