Nord-Trøndelag county has a population of 127,973 and comprises the north half of Trøndelag, the central part of Norway. The largest city and capital is Steinkjer.

The coastal side has fjords and islands while inland along the Trondheim fjord are broad areas with some of the best farmland in Norway. In fact, Trøndelag is the most important agricultural area in Norway. The name Trøndelag means the district under the laws of the Trønder. The people who lived here were called Trønder, a name of uncertain origin.

Historians believe this area had the most highly social and political structure in Norway, preceeding the Viking area(roughly 750-1100). It was the farmers and chieftains of Trøndelag who defeated the future saint, King Olav Haraldsen, at the infamous Battle of Stiklestad in Verdal in 1030.

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